Humans Of Our World Team arrives at remote village known as Ghyachchok in Nepal

Humans of Our World October 26, 2018

The Humans Of Our World team has arrived at the remote village known as Ghyachchok in Nepal for the LET’S HELP NEPAL’S VILLAGES humanitarian campaign. The founder Pritan Ambroase and Director Derick Welsh along with 50 doctors, nurses and humanitarians arrived in a convoy of ten 4X4 vehicles, traversing over 10 hours of driving time from Kathmandu, climbing to heights of over 5347 feet above sea level to reach Ghyachchok – a village that was completely destroyed by the 2015 earthquake that rocked the Himalayan nation.

Founder Pritan Ambroase, upon arriving at the village and being welcomed by the villagers said, “I am beyond charmed by the beauty of this village and the graciousness of its people. It looks like it could belong in a storybook and a Disney or Pixar movie. The earthquake destroyed the village and its structures, but I can clearly see that it did not destroy the spirit of its villagers. It is remarkable to see that the village is back up and standing and the houses are as pretty as its inhabitants. Their beautiful welcome for the entire team shall always be remembered. And we hope to have a very successful medical camp, and make some amazing friends.”

The medical camp will be providing free treatments to the villagers along with people from other villages nearby. The medical team will provide a variety of medical treatments such as Ear Nose Throat, Orthopaedic, Ultrasound, Skin, Gynaecology, Paediatric, Eyes, Surgery, General Practice, Dental, Pharmacy, etc.

This humanitarian campaign is a joint venture between Humans Of Our World and Hollywood Insider. The local partners for this particular medical camp in Ghyachchok are Hug and Heal Nepal, Novel Hospital, Danwali Milan Club, Nepal Medical Association, Nepal Police, Basudha Gurung, Indra Gurung, Roshan Shrestha, Navaraj Pandey, Dr. Lochn Karki, Ghyachchok Mother’s Club, and Gandaki Medical College.

Humans Of Our World’s celebrity supporters/spokespersons are Dame Judi Dench, Joanna Lumley OBE, Amanda Holden, Bear Grylls, Adrien Brody, etc.

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