Humans of Our World August 27, 2018

Daniel Pincus is the founder of World Golf Network and is both an entrepreneur at heart and someone that believes in old fashioned values. His vision of WGN is built on what he knows best –  helping people connect and build strong relationships for the long-term. He has understood that the foundation of any relationship is built on trust, and to him and most of his peers, the game of golf was a way to read a person in a very short and concentrated way. Utilizing the game of golf as a focus, Mr. Pincus has amassed a giant database of CEO’s, Presidents and decision-makers. With this vast contact list, he helps the people in his selective network, meet others that are most relevant to their business needs. It is the connections within the WORLD GOLF NETWORK that fast tracks their connections to successfully grow their business. Daniel also believes that people do business with people they like, which is why he hosts events whether they are on a golf course, a restaurant or at a private event. He invites only those decision makers who have high ethics. One final note on Daniel Pincus is his belief that those who are lucky enough to be successful should support the less fortunate. As he often states, actions speak louder than words: many of his events are opportunities to bring awareness to great causes and raise money to further their work.