Madisen Taylor

Humans of Our World August 26, 2018

Madisen is the executive director and partner of World Golf Network, a networking organization that promotes business development through face to face interaction within a supportive community. At the age of 19, Madisen decided to trail away from the beaten path of a college education and rather learn from experience, going on to become a key decision maker in the business world. Unbound by the conformities of both her age and gender, she was determined to have her voice heard and contribute her own transformative experiences and passions to a greater cause. Age and gender are not parameters for being a humanitarian. She hopes to strengthen the voices of the underprivileged who are often neglected and misrepresented in today’s media. Having been personally involved with some of America’s most maltreated citizens, working with organizations that funded aid to the homeless, sexually abused, and the mentally disabled, she moves forward with strong determination to make change where it is needed in the world. Using her young age as an asset rather than a constraint, she aspires to unite and empower the world’s youth to create tomorrow’s leaders and changemakers.