We are defiantly against savior-complex charity tourism, which focuses on a “superior” race helping those CURRENTLY struggling. When I travel as a humanitarian with my foundation HUMANS OF OUR WORLD, I go to foreign countries to make friends. I am NOT their savior, I am NOT better than them, I am NOT there to act superior to them. I am there to simply act as a catalyst in their lives so that they can be assisted to help themselves. Moreover, I make friends. These are able bodied Ghanaian men who arrived ready to learn how to have a career. I love you Africa, thank you for always teaching me, loving me and being kind to me. Here I stand, with able bodied individuals in Africa, who arrived at the job fair, ready to present themselves for job/career opportunities where they can make a living. Not a single one of them came for a handout, they just wanted to make a life for themselves and help themselves, their family and their community. All I did, was guide them gently towards jobs that are available while providing them inalienable and irrefutable human rights. I will be back again, and again, and again.