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How did Humans of our World start?

Humans of our World is a foundation that officially started in 2006 when I was 19. But the actual genesis of Humans of our World began when I was a 5 year old and I realized that I have to protect my family, stand up for my loved ones and make sure my family’s happiness is protected by me. I guess Humans of our World began with the daring child that was far more courageous than the adult me could ever be. In fact, the adult me is only trying to impress the child/teenage me and trying to live up to their high standards. I have always maintained that children are leaders of today and I guess much of that statement was inspired by my own experiences. We have to be a hero for others too: it’s equally as satisfying as having our own hero. I was 5 when I started living outside my comfort zone, and I have lived outside that comfort zone since that age. I can attest everything great, including all my success, loved ones, awards, to living outside that comfort zone. Sure I was trembling when as a 5 year old I had to protect my family, but I did it anyways, that is when I realized that I am courageous, courage is not the absence of fear, courage is taking action even when fear is present. So you can see that Humans of our World has grown up with me. Each of us are better than our comfort zone. Live out loud. Get out of it. What your heart truly desires is outside that comfort zone; the only things that will fulfil your heart is outside that comfort zone. What scares you might be the thing that gets you honor too. Silence your critics, silence the he-said she-said little people, silence the others’ voices. Achieve greatness by saying bye to your comfort zone. Humans of our World started by me getting out of my comfort zone.

Where does Humans of our World operate?

Humans of our World is for the whole world and operates globally regardless of man-made borders. But anytime, we see that an individual, group, area, city, country, cause, etc. needs us, then we set up a charter and an edition to help them. I believe in global peaceful/positive/constructive revolutions through unity for a better world through hearts and compassion without violence, riots and bloodshed.
For example, one of our editions is known as Humans of our World – Nepal Edition. This is an extension to our global campaign to highlight Nepal and what they are going through – people there and from all over the world have shown incredible humanity, love and unity. The world has united like never before. Thus the charter is known as “Humans of our World – Nepal Edition”. There is also a Humans of our World – USA Edition. There is also a Humans of our World – Children’s Edition, and so on and so forth. We are getting closer to the world that Humans of our World envisions and it is here to stay.

Is Humans of our World another charity?

Humans of our World is a foundation and a campaign. It is NOT a charity. The word charity disgusts me, as it is now synonymous with pity and begging. I don’t believe in pity or begging. Humans of our World is a campaign and foundation that is much more than just a charity. We are a movement, a united movement, a campaign, a foundation; a voice when unified with more voices will be louder and so powerful at the world and its people will definitely unite to take care of each other and the world as a whole. We are a voice for the ones that need us to help them as knowing about something that’s wrong and staying silent is equal to taking part in the wrongdoing. So let’s be the voice for ones that don’t have one or need a louder one.

When can we start the mission of Humans of our World?

Compassion, unconditional love and uniting regardless of man-made borders, natural borders, religions, political beliefs, wealth status, sexuality, classes, races, segregations, etc. will be the only way we can make this world a better place. The trouble is you have to do now: later is as good as never. You don’t have to go to war, climb mountains, score a touchdown to be a hero. Anyone can be a hero, anytime, just everyday try to be there for someone and be a hero. You have to live for more than just yourself. There are things out there that are bigger than us. Make your life count right now. Tomorrow is as good as never.

Which political party/religion/segregation does Humans of our World belong to?

I would also like to point out that Humans of our World is non-partisan and we are not affiliated with any political parties, religions, cults, segregations etc. and this is not for any commercial or profit reasons. No one in the Humans of our World team is paid and we are all doing it because we care enough to make the world a better place. Trust me, I couldn’t be further from politics even if I tried; politics bores me and there is not one country that was made better by politics, not one, and politics is too slow for my liking. If something is wrong then we change it now; we do not need to wait for bills to be passed and signatures to be put on paper to give humans compassion, human rights, equality, help, care, voice, kindness and so on.

How does Humans of our World collect money donations?

We are not an organization that collects donations either. I do not want money to be a factor for our campaign. However, there might be times when we support and partner with another organization that gives 100% of collected donations to the cause it is intended for. Recently, major donors/companies/individuals have contacted me with their wish for me to handle their donations, then I have personally channeled 100% of the money through Humans of our World to the victims that it was intended for without holding the donations in our accounts. So if there is someone, or some business, or some corporation that wants to give money donations to Humans of our World, then the rule is that we utilize that money donation within 1 month of receiving it by giving 100% of it to whatever, be it people, animals, area, victims, cause it was intended for, and with full accountability.

Who does Humans of our World belong to?

Yes I started Humans of our World but it does not belong to me: it belongs to all of us, it belongs to all the people, it belongs to all the animals, it belongs to the world and universe. Humans of our World is about the power of the people.

How is Humans of World going to be run?

I want us all to remember that this can only be done with the heart as a center. Uniting the world through the hearts of individuals regardless of segregations and differences, etc. Compassion can be felt even if you haven’t been through someone else’s situation before. And you can care regardless of backgrounds. Can you imagine how happy our world and everyone would be if everyone did something just because they cared and for no other reasons at all? Every action started with care as a reason. We wouldn’t need contracts to bind us, we wouldn’t need the law or politics to govern us, we wouldn’t need fear to keep trust in check. We would allow hearts, compassion, and care to govern us, making this world unite and be a better place.

How is Humans of our World going to make decisions? Final say?

Each of our decisions as individuals, members of the board, ambassadors, associates, volunteers, representatives, the organization as a whole, our campaign, for each of our decisions the heart will always override the brain and regardless of logic being a factor. Hence, all our decisions will be made as a team with the heart, compassion and care as a center. Some of you may consider this illogical/abnormal/unnatural, you may suggest that life and the world cannot be run without logic, and letting the heart run amok without consideration to the mind or logic might be dangerous.

Is it really possible to live without logic? Is logic, natural or normal not important to us?

Well, my answer to that is I do not believe in logic and neither do I reduce myself to logic. To me logic is just plain wrong and degrading to our capabilities and powers as a human being. Logic, natural, normal are words that are just erroneous and cannot be used as a tool to identify. Name one great thing in this world that came because of logic? Can you? I can name hundreds and thousands of great things in the world that came because someone was brave enough to not believe in logic and go against logic while also not caring if it was normal or not or natural or not. You might consider my views unrealistic, realistic, to me is boring, it’s too mediocre to even consider; it’s so sweet when you get to turn everyone else’s unrealistic to our realistic. Let me start, curing Polio was at one point unrealistic, and people’s whole lives suffered due to that, but there were some who went against logic, natural and realistic and they knew that they could eradicate polio and that is exactly what they did – I am glad they defied normal and mediocre to do so. Take your phones, take that unrealistic device and put it up to your ears and talk to your loved ones right now, wherever they may be in the world. I am thankful there were a few abnormal, unrealistic, illogical people who knew this is a reality. ELECTRICITY – one person was brave enough to say that daylight inside houses is possible even during the dark of the night and with just a flick of a switch – that person was ridiculed and laughed at for their illogical, unnatural and abnormal visions. Thankfully due to that one illogical person, now electricity is real, normal, logical, great and something we CANNOT live without. Can you imagine the state of the world if that person had degraded themselves to logic or normalcy? Thankfully that illogical person believed in himself when the rest of the world didn’t; even at the face of adversity and ridiculed for wanting to play God, he forged on as to him that illogical sense of life came from God. I am happy to say I am illogical and definitely don’t degrade myself to logic: I believe in my capabilities far more than logic can ever define me. Do you still need more proof? Ok. Take plane travel, which is a norm in many of our lives – again a few people were brave enough to defy logic and say that flying like a bird with people inside is possible for humans. Can you imagine the kind of offers they might have received to become stand-up comedians? Can you imagine the full house laughter that resonated due to their statement? But they did not falter. And in the modern era, the Wright brothers successfully flew the first plane with them inside it, just like a bird with wings. Today, most of us do that illogical, unnatural, abnormal action of getting inside this piece of metal shaped like a tube with wings and fly over oceans and lands for thousands of miles. Thankfully due to those few illogical people, we have the ability to call flying in planes an everyday thing, which unites the world even further. Take movies, or moving pictures for example. The fact that you could capture entire people, speech and play it somewhere else was a fantasy. It was what tales were made up of. Today those same movies are a multi-billion dollar industry and have changed the world for good. Thankfully unrealistic, illogical, abnormal people were at work. Take women running in marathons in the USA for example, there was a time when that was illegal and abnormal for whatever reason. Funnily that too required illogical, abnormal and unnatural people to stand up to whatever group and stop that viewpoint. Today, if you told someone that they could not run in a marathon because they are female then they would laugh at the stupid person who is stopping them and possibly confine them to an asylum somewhere. It sounds funny to even hear that that was a law in the USA, in the land of the free and the brave, in the land of Lady Liberty. I think it’s safe to say I rest my case. If any of you need further proof, please let me know personally and I have thousands more proof. I still laugh out loud when I hear people or “righteous” folk base their cases and arguments and all they depend on are words such as “normal, natural and logical” – those same folk arrived wherever they are to have that stupid meeting in a plane. I still LOL. Its pure comedy. Think about this for a few minutes, let it sink: there are a trillion laws, penalties, punishments for financial and money crimes; how many laws are there for emotional crimes? Near to none. Is THAT not illogical? People are disloyal, cheat, betray, gossip, emotionally disturb someone and walk around scot free. Need something more to think about? Here think about this. Last year banks collected more than 30 billion US dollars in overdraft fees from USA alone, overdraft fees means people without money, which means those people are currently going through some kind of poverty, so in a way it means that banks took $30 billion dollars from people that did not have any money. And they do that legally, logically and call it normal. I for one would happily be against banks doing that and be called illogical and abnormal. Again I rest my case. Sadly everyday politics, governments, religions, organizations, cults, commit gross acts against humanity all while using words such as normal/abnormal, legal/illegal, natural/unnatural, etc. Let’s break free from all such blasphemous words such as normal, logical, natural, realistic, legal and get away from mediocrity. Due to some kind of magical evolution we have been born as this species that can exact a change for the better for humanity: let’s do that, let us let our time here on earth mean something great.
It confuses me and troubles me that humanity and our success has been based on the fact that we have surpassed and defeated all kinds of physical and natural borders to spread all over this world, and those physical boundaries are no small challenge, highest mountains, roughest seas, driest deserts. But sadly and disastrously it’s the same humans, well at least many of them that find it hard to surpass or defeat man-made borders, mental borders, these ridiculous borders that are not even real and start in the mental arena and were created by humans in mistake. By man-made borders I mean things such as country borders, political borders, religious borders, borders of prejudice, class borders, wealth status borders, etc.

Since you said God earlier, does that mean Humans of our World is a religious org?

No. Since I said God earlier, even after saying Humans of our World is regardless of religion, I need to explain myself. When I say God, I mean God, regardless of religion; religion does not matter to me, God matters to me, hence why I believe in God without the need of a specific religion to identify God. God is God. Religions are segregations and languages that attempts to explain God. Once again, God is God. God Higher Power Universe. I am proud of myself for having understood God so well, that I do not need to use religion to defend God or anything else that He created. No single religion is able to explain my faith fully, only God is able to explain my faith.

So we are against the word and definition of logic, what else?

Just like I don’t believe in logic, I do not believe in terms that are often thrown around without any intelligence or knowledge behind it. I would hope the members of our board, ambassadors, associates, representatives, volunteers and everyone involved with Humans of our World are extraordinary enough to never have to use blasphemous words such as “logic”, “natural”, “politics”, “normal”, “tolerance”, “boundaries”, “borders”, “segregations”, etc. There’s many more where those came from. I could provide explanations for why I detest each of those terms. Just ask me. Those horrible borders and boundaries I talk about are both physical and/or in the mind/mental. Normal is not reality. Natural is not reality. Borders are not reality. Normal is nothing more than a conceived notion that encompasses an area and timeline. Every normal has an expiry date. Every normal has a catchment area, as after a certain border and distance that normal becomes abnormal. What is normal to one person is abnormal to another. So if normal is so temperamental, moody and two-faced then how can we base arguments and decisions on a person’s life based on what is normal and/or abnormal? Again I rest my case.
To rid this world of poverty once and for all, we are going to have to do
something completely abnormal, illogical and unnatural.
To cure cancer and save everyone from it, we are going to have to do something
completely abnormal, illogical and unnatural.
To unite this world, make it a better place and allow human rights, we are going
to have to do something completely abnormal, illogical and unnatural. – Etc.,
I am sure all of us can come up with many more to add to this list. Take it further.
Add more bullet points to that list. The same goes with changing ourselves as individuals for the better. So tell me one thing – how can anyone base discussions, laws, religions, politics, businesses etc. based on what is normal or abnormal, what is logical or illogical, what is natural or unnatural? Let us rid ourselves of those negative terms and start the change for the better with ourselves. We are the change we want to see in the world.

So will doing all this make us achieve world peace? Is world peace possible?

Someone asked me if world peace is really possible. Sadly my answer is I don’t know. I hope so. I really hope so. I said, hopefully, because for a grand thing like world peace to be achieved, we have to start by changing ourselves for the better as individuals, as humans cannot continue with the evil actions that are being practiced right now by individuals themselves. Individuals and civilians have a habit of blaming governments and other groups, but individuals and civilians are themselves not capable of loyalty, kindness and caring truly and unconditionally. So if most individuals cannot even achieve that then how can they blame something like the government? And this is coming from me after having worked to spread the education of peace in 197 countries all over the world.
It is actually quite easy to become a human being. Well for some it can be quite hard too. You see you require these very rare things, I might even be convinced to call it rare magic potions, and those rare things/magic potions are known as, wait for it, are known as integrity, good character and absolute loyalty. Just look at the most simple thing: most individuals can’t even manage the most simple ones; stop these nonsense habits of hurting each other, betraying each other – be the person you are in front of someone behind their back too, only say things behind someone’s back if you can say it to their face too. Just don’t say anything about anyone if you know that if they were in front of you then it would hurt them. And I am not even talking about individuals hurting their enemies, that would be a different story; sadly many individuals hurt their loved ones with the above crimes.
So you want to be a human being? Start the change within yourself. Then be a hero to your loved ones in any way big or small. Be a true good human being, be a loyal human of our world, be a compassionate soul. You want to end the wars? You want to have world peace? Well I have seen individuals hurt another, betray someone, be disloyal, and this is just between individuals that say they love each other, so how can everyone want world peace when they can’t even manage being loyal to the ones they love? Think about that for a second or for a minute. Let it sink in. It is so easy to change for the better. Start peace within yourself, be good to another individual, be loyal, be protective, just care. Don’t let your insecurities define you. Don’t allow those same insecurities to hurt another. Be loyal and stay that way. It is very simple. Never say something behind someone’s back that you know they wouldn’t like if it was being said in front of them. It is very simple. Don’t pay any notice to what the world thinks or says, let them think and say, you just act, after all actions speak louder than words. Every achievement in my life, every respect I have received, every award I have won, first started out being ridiculed by people and they all thought something or said something, but I was deaf to all those little people; later they were on my side as they knew they were wrong. Live outside of gossip and the ‘he said she said’ land, free yourself. When walking on a sidewalk you might encounter dog shit; it might stink and you’ve got to be careful not to step on it. You can’t tell shit to stop stinking, shit will keep stinking no matter how many times you tell it to stop; all you can do is let the shit keep stinking and keep walking on ahead and soon the shit will be behind you and will stink on for a new victim. But keep walking on with such greatness that none of that shit, its shit smell or negativity, can ever get to you. It’s up to the shit to stink, but it’s up to you if you want to let it get to you or not. And don’t waste your energy being angry at the shit, either, because the shit doesn’t know any better and you clearly are better than that and the shit will get what’s coming to it at some point – it will be scooped up and put into a trash can. Walk on ahead with greatness and know your standards. I hope you understand the shit here stands for the little people who are the he-said she-said, doubters, gossipers, people who wrong you, anyone negative. Come out of the masses, stand tall like a victorious lion, and live your life according to your own light. And hopefully you will be lucky enough to find a few others that will join you, stand with you like a pack of victorious lions away from the land of the masses, away from the land of the many little people, shine on bright and happy. Be protective of your loved ones. Prioritize your loved ones over career or money. Only when individuals start practicing this with one another will there be world peace. As it starts with us. We can all change for the better. We just have to make a decision to do so. Make the decision and see how happy your loved ones and the people around are, directly making your life better.

So now we know why you call it Humans of our World?

Rid yourself of the evils of society, be a real human being, because in this world of hurt and pain, just being a human being is an achievement as many individuals run around behaving worse than evil parasites. Hence, HUMANS OF OUR WORLD.

What is the one value that will be mandatory for Humans Of Our World’s mission’s success?

Loyalty. Yes, LOYALTY. Easy for some. Hard for some. Impossible for others. I ask for your loyalty to the cause of uniting to making this world a better place. And when I say loyalty, I mean just that, LOYALTY. Loyalty is probably the most important to me. I have many a times seen people who say they love each other be disloyal to each other, and by love I mean all kinds of love. So clearly love does not guarantee loyalty. Sad. But true. But people who are loyal to each other always love each other. In fact loyalty = love, loyalty guarantees love. To me loyalty and courage are most important. You need loyalty and courage to make this world a better place. And both courage and loyalty go against logic, normal and natural. Courage and loyalty stand against Darwin’s theory of evolution that denotes survival of the fittest because courage and loyalty believes in survival of us. I practice what I preach. I am courageous. Everyday. Courageous is about being courageous for everything, you cannot pick and choose. I am courageous as I realized my courage when I was 5 and had to protect my family. Since I love loyalty and courage the most, that is why I am against things that are against those two qualities; that is why I am against logical, normal and natural.

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