Campaigns and Achievements


Today, Humans of our world is stronger and more influential than ever. Some of our achievements are:

1-Provided medical relief and welfare to disaster struck areas in Italy, Nepal, Ghana, Mexico, Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria, to name a few.
2-Advocacy programmes and campaigning for safer working environment for employees and stringent rules to make sure sexual harassment/abuse is fully stopped – which resulted in multiple corporations changing their regulations – sexual harassment/abuse cases in each company was reduced by 95%.
3-Collaboration with Hollywood Insider for a series known as MESSAGES FROM AMERICA which encourages civilians to speak up on important issues that matter.
4-Effective employment and career programs in Ghana. Promotion of Africa’s beauty, rich history and able-bodied people that are fully capable of helping themselves. Job fairs where locals were invited to present themselves for job/career opportunities where they can utilize their skills to make a living either locally or internationally. Not a single individual arrived at the career program camps in Ghana for a handout; they just wanted to make a life for themselves and help their own family and communities. All Humans Of Our World did was to provide them options for career paths that come with inalienable and irrefutable human rights. These people went on to have careers in various fields and help their communities further. The humanitarian domino effect in display.
5-Assistance provided to individuals who are currently going through physical disabilities.
6-Peace programmes to encourage dialogues between schools in polarized countries.
7-Mentorship programmes for underprivileged high school/college students and vocational training for graduates.
8-Black Lives Matter - ongoing efforts to change legislation in regards to police brutality, housing, education, banking, economy, politics, voting, medical, government infrastructure, etc.
9-Pro-bono legal assistance for legal migrant workers to be treated fairly by employees.
10-Educational programmes in 25 countries to free people from oppression related to religion, caste, class.
11-Police reform - ongoing efforts towards anti-corruption legal system that makes the police force accountable. 3 year long training programs for all police officers. Psychometric evaluations. Race-related evaluations. Assessment of wrongful use of weapons, Transparent accountability.
12-Campaigns to encourage stringent laws to deter domestic abusers.
13-Campaigns to encourage the voice of civilian populations to get involved in issues regarding their country.
14-Trans-Community - ongoing efforts towards equal access to opportunities, reformation of law to make it illegal to discriminate against trans men and trans women, extra healthcare benefits, inclusion of trans leaders into education.
15-Motivational speeches in schools, colleges and corporations to encourage future humanitarians.
16-Advocacy programmes and educational resources to support the rights of LGBTQ invididuals, couples and communities.
17-Our permanent goal and constant journey is to reform education for the sake of healthcare, politics, religion, media, culture, etc.


In the future we plan to expand to:

Pride Edition, Anti-hate speech edition, Children’s Edition, Pro-Family Edition, Anti-domestic abuse edition, Anti-abuse of Children edition.