Campaigns and Achievements


Today, Humans of our world is stronger and more influential than ever. Some of our achievements are:

1-Provided medical relief and welfare to disaster struck areas in Italy, Nepal, Ghana, Mexico, Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria, to name a few.
2-Advocacy programmes and campaigning for safer working environment for employees and stringent rules to make sure sexual harassment/abuse is fully stopped – which resulted in multiple corporations changing their regulations – sexual harassment/abuse cases in each company was reduced by 95%.
3-Collaboration with Hollywood Insider for a series known as MESSAGES FROM AMERICA which encourages civilians to speak up on important issues that matter.
4-Effective employment and career programs in Ghana. Promotion of Africa’s beauty, rich history and able-bodied people that are fully capable of helping themselves. Job fairs where locals were invited to present themselves for job/career opportunities where they can utilize their skills to make a living either locally or internationally. Not a single individual arrived at the career program camps in Ghana for a handout; they just wanted to make a life for themselves and help their own family and communities. All Humans Of Our World did was to provide them options for career paths that come with inalienable and irrefutable human rights. These people went on to have careers in various fields and help their communities further. The humanitarian domino effect in display.
5-Assistance provided to individuals who are currently going through physical disabilities.
6-Peace programmes to encourage dialogues between schools in polarized countries.
7-Mentorship programmes for underprivileged high school/college students and vocational training for graduates.
8-Black Lives Matter - ongoing efforts to change legislation in regards to police brutality, housing, education, banking, economy, politics, voting, medical, government infrastructure, etc.
9-Pro-bono legal assistance for legal migrant workers to be treated fairly by employees.
10-Educational programmes in 25 countries to free people from oppression related to religion, caste, class.
11-Police reform - ongoing efforts towards anti-corruption legal system that makes the police force accountable. 3 year long training programs for all police officers. Psychometric evaluations. Race-related evaluations. Assessment of wrongful use of weapons, Transparent accountability.
12-Campaigns to encourage stringent laws to deter domestic abusers.
13-Campaigns to encourage the voice of civilian populations to get involved in issues regarding their country.
14-Trans-Community - ongoing efforts towards equal access to opportunities, reformation of law to make it illegal to discriminate against trans men and trans women, extra healthcare benefits, inclusion of trans leaders into education.
15-Motivational speeches in schools, colleges and corporations to encourage future humanitarians.
16-Advocacy programmes and educational resources to support the rights of LGBTQ invididuals, couples and communities.
17-Our permanent goal and constant journey is to reform education for the sake of healthcare, politics, religion, media, culture, etc.


Rebuild Villages

Be it Nepal, Italy, Philippines, Haiti, Ghana, India, Greece, we focus on villages. After a major disaster, there are three stages: Immediate relief – shelter, food, medical/psychological care – Short term – rebuilding homes, schools, infrastructure – Long term – improving conditions in the village by helping boost economy, tourism and education. IMPORTANT: Both action […]

Disaster Relief Edition

For all our past disaster relief editions, we utilized social media and we will continue to do so. For all of the past disaster relief in Nepal, Italy, Haiti, Philippines, Mexico, etc, our campaigns on social media reached over 79 million people each, within a month or so of launch. Some videos viewed over 1 […]

Speak Up Edition

In collaboration with Hollywood Insider Silence means you are on the side of the oppressor. Humans Of Our World in collaboration with Hollywood Insider, have started a movement, with the sole purpose of inviting the public and civilian population of countries to Speak Up and on issues that matter to them the most. Be it […]

Education Reform Edition

Reform education systems all over the world Include education of lifelong instruments such as mortgages, taxes, loans, insurances and so forth as part of the school curriculum from an early age starting at middle school. Include education of compassion on schools’ daily curriculum all over the world, everyday for a 32 minute class. This class […]

Healthcare Edition

  Focus on a well-rounded cure as well as prevention for diseases such as Cancer, Stroke, etc along with focus on alternative methods: Sound healing, light healing, meditation healing, etc. Petition for a seamless interactive research being done in various countries to collaborated to find the cure and promote it at the earliest. Thus erasing […]

Anti-Sexual Harassment Edition

Anti-sexual harassment edition : Advocacy programmes and campaigning for safer working environment for employees and stringent rules to make sure sexual harassment/abuse is fully stopped. Our campaigns have resulted in multiple corporations changing their regulations and sexual harassment/abuse cases in each company was reduced by 95%. Currently campaigning to provide preventative measures in religious institutions […]

Marriage Equality Edition

Aim to campaign for marriage equality to be provided to all sexualities. Regardless of sexuality, two consenting individuals who are in a committed monogamous relationship must have the freedom to marry if they choose to do so as that is their step towards being a family. Educate mass population to provide support, acceptance and respect […]

Immigration and Refugee Edition

Migration is nature’s law and is practiced by humans and animals alike. Education to provide awareness of the positive factors relating to immigrants. Legal and employments help provided to refugees and immigrants that need further assistance.


Africa is beautiful. Africa is more than just it’s over-publicized and foreign-abused poverty, Africa is more than just a charity-marketing opportunity. Africa is also it’s beauty, booming economy, skyscrapers, rich history and able bodied people that are fully capable of helping themselves. Africa is a bustling continent that continues to live up to their glorious […]

Anti-Trafficking Edition

We are against trafficking of all kinds. Education camps and workshops provided in multiple countries to train locals in identifying potential traffickers, also training provided to prevent one’s own self or others from being trafficked and the best way to combat trafficking on a larger scale.

Animals as Sentient Beings Edition

Not one single species owns earth. We have to all live here peacefully. We campaign for the rights of animals to be seen as sentient beings so that they have a right to a full life without mistreatment, abuse or torture.

Freedom FROM Religious Trauma Edition

We provide education to allow people all over the world to know the difference between religion and God. Our aim is to encourage all people to live harmoniously and know that there is no ONE religion that is better/righter/holier than another and that they can choose to believe in God with or without religion. The […]

Pro-Home Edition

We believe that there should be more homes than houses. We want to advocate for people to prioritize their homes and families so that we raise children that do not have to get over their childhood. A stable home could possibly be the answer to most of the problems in our world.

Anti-Drug Abuse Edition

We are against the abuse of drugs and medications. We advocate to provide medical help, counseling, as well as therapy to quit addictions as well as prevent them before it begins. Schools and colleges are provided education materials to prevent young people following the dangerous path. Ex-abusers are asked to give regular talks at schools […]

Eradicate Poverty Edition

We believe that basic living standards should be available to all. Abuse of government funds leads to poverty in most nations. We advocate for able-bodied individuals in every community to assist the less fortunate among them to access better education, employment and assistance to lead them to a life out of poverty.

Anti-Hunger Edition

Make food available to every single individual all over the world. In developed countries, make it the law for restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets to have to hand over the food at the end of the day to organizations that feed homeless, poverty-stricken, hungry individuals, every day. Our founder had previously in partnership with a friend […]

Shelter Edition

Strategies and activities to build communal shelters for the homeless – focus on all physical, psychological and economical rehabilitation. Focus on providing professional help not as handouts rather therapies to help them help themselves. Utilize cured patients to help other incoming patients. It is important to treat homelessness as an illness and not an economic […]

Color A Child’s Life Edition

A team decorates and refurbishes the bedroom of a child from an underprivileged family. This will serve as the child’s escape from everyday struggles.

Corporate Giants Accountability Edition

We believe in holding corporate giants accountable. For example, Apple iPhones and Google are used by billions of people. In 2020, Humans of our World collaborated with our official partner Hollywood Insider to demand that Google and Apple rectify their maps as Mount Everest had been incorrectly and wrongfully labelled inside Tibet/China – Mount Everest […]

In the future we plan to expand to:

Pride Edition, Anti-hate speech edition, Children’s Edition, Pro-Family Edition, Anti-domestic abuse edition, Anti-abuse of Children edition.