Message From Founder



Pritan Ambroase – Founder


Hoping, wishing, wanting a change for the better is not enough. We have to make it happen. If not us, then who? If not now, then when? We are changing this world for the better – but when? … Now.

Enough of complaining. Enough of wishing for a change. Enough of hoping others will change. Enough of teaching and preaching but not practicing. We refuse to complain: if we don’t like something, we change it. We are going to take it a step further. We will be the change we want to see in the world. Let’s do so in the now. And that changing the world for the better will only happen when we start with ourselves as individuals. That is at the heart of our motto.

Humans Of Our World: We are the change we want to see in the world.

The simplest way to describe the mission of our foundation/campaign is: to unite the world and all people to become one; to do so we will help each other to a better life, and realize that we live in ONE world/ship. The only way to go forward is to care about each other and unify for a happier world, regardless of the aforementioned perceived differences hampering the outlook of some.

Humans Of Our World was born out of my frustration at seeing the fractured state of our world. I refused to sit back and complain. We are known as an intelligent species, yet many do not display a modicum of intelligence with regards to thinking of our world as one. The segregation amongst the people that surrounded me, as well as the despondent state in which many areas of the world operated, did not sit well with me. With the premise of unifying people and encouraging others to see beyond their own country/race/culture/religion/class, I set out to develop Humans Of Our World. Those around me who were older saw my age as a hindrance. But to me, anyone can be a humanitarian. All you need is passion, intent and actions to speak up for a cause. I started the foundation HUMANS OF OUR WORLD at age 19.

As a young teen in my county of Kent in England, I began by uniting the able ones around me to take action to help the impoverished. We focused on one particular area/cause at a time and within a few months, our actions had helped those whose lives had been devastated by natural disasters, civil conflicts, socio-economic hardships, diseases, political/religious/economic oppression, physical disabilities and the like.

Humans of our World took action to go beyond mere awareness and bring actual change in the lives of those that we touched. Along with a change in their lives and communities, we guided them to voice themselves to speak up for causes that affected more than just themselves. This in turn created a domino effect in which previous victims themselves became humanitarians themselves.

During our temporary time on this earth, the permanent ship of our future generations must be sustained. We live in a materially advanced world which is full of automatic cars, automated devices, automatic dating apps, etc. It is our responsibility to AUTOMATE sustainability of this planet. Most are focused on material progress; all I hope is that we allow our mental awareness of the world to progress at the same time.

I hope after reading all this, you are still on the same boat as me. Come on, let’s take this ride: I promise you, it will be spectacular; and we are the visionaries that will make this world a better place. Above all remember to show love, appreciation, care with both word and action. Do all of it now.

Let us get out of our stereotypical boxes. Let us stop using the terms normal/abnormal, logical/illogical, natural/unnatural, realistic/unrealistic, legal/illegal, etc to describe ourselves, others or our actions. To rid this world of poverty once and for all, we are going to have to do something completely abnormal, illogical and unnatural. To cure cancer and save everyone from it, we are going to have to do something completely abnormal, illogical and unnatural. To unite this world, make it a better place and allow human rights, we are going to have to do something completely abnormal, illogical and unnatural. I am sure all of us can come up with many more to add to this list. Do it.