Judi DENCH has come on board as official supporter of Humans Of Our World

Humans of Our World October 20, 2018

Dame Judi DENCH has been signed on as an official supporter of Humans Of Our World. Judi has also donated to the Humans of our World’s LET’S HELP NEPAL’S VILLAGES humanitarian campaign, and Hollywood Insider is a proud partner. She joins other celebrity supporters such as Joanna Lumley OBE and Adrien Brody. Humans of Our World founder Pritan Ambroase comments, ‘Judi’s support is extremely valued as she has always stood by her beliefs and causes that matter to her as an outspoken humanitarian and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. I truly believe that that key players from entertainment/cinema/TV industry, music, sports, fashion, can join hands and utilize their platform to make the world a better place, encouraging massive positive change for the greater good. Media’s attention span for any natural disaster, lasts about a month, then the victims are forgotten as media moves on to the next popular news – and the same thing happened with Nepal and its villages. Along with us taking doctors, nurses and anti-trafficking experts to villages, we are hoping that such highly respected celebrities supporting this campaign will bring media attention back to the villages of Nepal, so that the villages can continue to receive help.’

Please donate to continue to help the villages of Nepal –  www.fundrazr.com/villagesofnepal

Press Contact: globaloutreach@humansofourworld.org