Rules and Responsibility


Whether you are on one of our missions, meetings, charters, or anywhere, while representing Humans of our World, please remember to adhere to these simple rules and responsibilities. To most it is common sense, but we all know how valuable and rare common sense is these days. - While helping at areas where people need help, do not barter the help you can provide, do not tell people who need your help that the only way you will help them is if they convert to your political beliefs, your religious beliefs, your cult, your sports teams, your favorite brand of clothing, quite frankly your insanity. - Please do not be rude, disrespectful or inconsiderate. - Please do not champion your personal religion, country or political beliefs. In your personal life it is up to you, but while at any place representing Humans Of Our World, our duty is to represent humanity, and humanity is without segregations. - If there are multiple volunteer teams at a disaster zone, then remember to assess the situation and do the best you can do. If there are other organizations there, and if they are better than you, then let them handle it. The goal is to save humanity, not compete to prove ourselves. - Also while at disaster zones, remember to put your phones away; your first goal is to help people, not take photos of you helping people. If photo opportunity is what you want, then wait till the situation gets better and lives are not at risk, and if you are not hurting others and their sensibilities, then with permission take photos. There are times of happiness in your lives where you should take photos and lots of it. Just make sure when at disaster zones to be respectful. The founder would like to remind people of his personal experiences visiting the 9/11 victims memorial in NYC: “I still cannot smile when I take photos at ground zero and the memorial for the 9/11 attacks in New York. And when I take my loved ones there, I really appreciate it when they automatically won’t smile for the photos at the memorial site either. It is our sign of respect”. - Remember to use kindness as your first tool. - Remember media is a powerful tool, but only if used in the right away. Media is not there to sensationalize and sell a story to increase viewership; media is there to tell the story as it is, while trying to get help for the ones that are in focus of the story. - And please bear this in mind: if everyone could understand God then they would realize that God loves his earthlings and universelings, regardless of them being rich, poor, middle class, fat, thin, muscular, good looking, hot, ugly, blonde, brunette, red- haired, bald, hairy, short, tall, gay, straight, lesbian, asexual, democrat, republican, humanitarian, educated, uneducated, white, tanned, black, white but tanned, black but pale, mixed, mutt, purebred, cheap car driver, expensive car driver, blue eyed, dark eyed, world traveller, small town dweller, Christian, Lutheran Christian, Protestant, Catholic, Mormon, Hindu, Muslim, Sufi Muslim, Shia Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Zoroastrian, martian, earthling, jupiterian, galaxian, lion, tiger, house cat, peacock, bird, dog, fish, etc., God just loves. And for the there are atheists out there, who don’t believe in God, but still have a good heart, then that is fine too.