Juan Carlos Arzt

Humans of Our World August 26, 2018

At an early age, Juan won a global humanitarian contest after submitting a one minute speech on “Who Will You Make Peace With?”. He flew with Pritan Ambroase and the Peace One Day team to the Peace Day Concert in The Hague. His experience of giving a speech at the concert to a global audience gave him a new perspective of how the world is. His goal is WORLD PEACE and he hopes one day this can be achieved. With his studies he is preparing to succeed in his career of choice while also supporting world organizations that are fighting for peace. He asserts, “For me, being an Ambassador of Humans Of Our World is a one of the greatest opportunities and I feel very special. I hope to further the humanitarian goals of this foundation in my country and all over the world.” I am currently in high school and was recently invited by Stanford University to take some courses with their professors which enriched and expanded his mind.