Kaysheri Ann Haffner

Humans of Our World August 26, 2018

Kaysheri is the founder of Helping Hands Gulf Shores, a non-profit organization for local kids in need. Kaysheri started the organization at age eleven when she heard of a seven-year-old boy who had cancer. She decided to organize a fundraiser for the boy because she thought at his age he should be out playing instead of being in a hospital bed. At age twelve she organized another fundraiser for a twenty-year-old  and raised almost $5000.
Kaysheri was awarded by Duke University Talent search, the GRAND recognition ceremony award, which only 3% of the students  (7th grade) that take the ACT qualify for within the Duke TIP program. She was also awarded the Duke TIP State recognition ceremony award and the Duke University Talent identification program award. Kaysheri is an avid  reader, writer, singer and songwriter.