Pritan Ambroase

Humans of Our World August 27, 2018

Pritan Ambroase, founder of Humans Of Our World, started this foundation with the main goal to unite the world regardless of segregations and differences. That unity has to be taken a step further and utilized to help each other. He credits this value system to his unique education, as his entire schooling from Kindergarten to High School, was completed in 11 different schools of which 6 were boarding schools in 6 different countries and 3 different continents and multiple cities/cultures/religions/languages/segregations. After growing up in so many countries, cultures and languages, he asserts that there are more similarities than differences between us. He started his career in the entertainment industry at the age of 16 with theatre in England and went on to TV. At 19, he also became the youngest person to be funded to direct a film by funding bodies known as National Lottery, Big Boost, Unltd, etc. Although his career in the entertainment industry was taking off, he decided to start college in USA. After graduation, he spent a couple of more years working in PR, real estate and serving as the President for a group of companies. His return to entertainment was inevitable, and that started with being chosen as a brand ambassador for multiple luxury brands. He has made multiple appearances on the red carpet of the prestigious Venice Film Festival and he supports the festival wholeheartedly as they unite the world regardless of political/racial/language etc differences through the power of excellent cinema. A talk show is currently in development which Ambroase will be hosting himself. He has recently acquired a media platform and magazine which he is currently rebranding to make sure the media house focuses on substance and meaningful entertainment while staying away from gossip and scandal. The media house also combines entertainment, philanthropy and education and utilizes media as a tool for the greater good. He hopes to continue to utilize his life, his career and his various platforms to speak up for human rights, perform as an unwavering humanitarian and help causes that affect us all.