Tips to Humanitarians


I want us all to turn into helpers that take care of each other and those around us, be it humans, animals and/or nature. I also want to encourage people to get rid of the “savior” attitude while going to other and currently less fortunate areas for volunteer work. No one is better than anyone else. Go to foreign countries to help and also make friends, not just for charity “Tourism”. Make a connection. What I absolutely dislike is when I see someone with that look of “Here I am, your savior from a wealthier area, “Better” race or “right” religion or “acceptable” sexuality or “higher” caste/class or “posher” language or “stronger” gender or “higher” education, let me throw some measly food and dollars at you then take photos of you in your sad situation and show the world how “Great” I am”. Yes, it is a look, and we have all seen it, albeit begrudgingly. I ran HUMANS OF OUR WORLD for the first ten years anonymously until I realized that lending my name helped the causes further. Instead of just throwing some dollars once, see how you can help the affected party learn to help themselves so that they will never need handouts again; instead they will go on to help those in need, too. We are not anybody’s savior except our own, but we can act as a catalyst to someone in need. That is all, a catalyst. Be it financially, medically, emotionally, or by ensuring human rights, protection, education, and so forth. Just be kind.