Can I Go Home Now? Film for Humanity Edition UK 2006

Humans of Our World campaigns January 1, 2006

The mission of Can I Go Home Now? Films for Humanity Edition UK 2006 is to make films that elevate humanity, help important issues and spread kindness. Pritan Ambroase is the director/founder of this initiative, with financial support from British government organizations and funding bodies such as National Lottery, Big Boost and Unltd and their partnership. The power of Cinema is utilized to bring important stories that enrich humans to the global audience. We also hope to provide underprivileged individuals from diverse backgrounds under 25 with resources and paths to enter the film industry. Thus the funds utilized in the making of films will be spent in local communities with a team of local professionals, so as to continue enriching the community. In this way, the film making process is itself empowering and enriching, and the final film’s message is also one of beauty as global audiences watch worldwide. The singular message of the films is to show the need for happy homes in our society and the world. Thus the films will focus on stories that either give people a happier home, better their home life, or help people go back to their homes in peace – thus Can I Go Home Now? Films for Humanity Edition.

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