Education Reform Edition

Humans of Our World campaigns August 27, 2018
    • Reform education systems all over the world
      • Include education of lifelong instruments such as mortgages, taxes, loans, insurances and so forth as part of the school curriculum from an early age starting at middle school.
      • Include education of compassion on schools’ daily curriculum all over the world, everyday for a 32 minute class. This class will focus on all spectrums of compassion, including storytelling, activities, programs. This also includes weekly field programs.
      • Include education that informs and focuses on similarities between cultures and countries rather than differences. Build a human identity as well as patriotic identity.
      • Include education that provides conversation from an early age between schools in different countries via the use of Skype.
      • Include education that informs on positive world news from all over the world
      • Include education that focuses on diplomacy
      • Petition basic education up to high school graduation as a basic human right for all individuals the world over.

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