Humans of Our World campaigns August 27, 2018

Africa is beautiful. Africa is more than just it’s over-publicized and foreign-abused poverty, Africa is more than just a charity-marketing opportunity. Africa is also it’s beauty, booming economy, skyscrapers, rich history and able bodied people that are fully capable of helping themselves.

Africa is a bustling continent that continues to live up to their glorious history. Do not believe what those holier than thou charities tell you, asking you to donate 2 dollars, while they keep 95% of it. Africa, we love you. In partnership with Hollywood Insider, “Rebrand Africa and Tell It’s Glorious History and Current Story” Program will focus on showing the true positive, successful, flourishing, stylish, prosperous continent of Africa. We will tell of its glorious history full of opulence and it’s current innovators and leaders that are making a positive change. For example, Ghana is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Many more glorious stories to tackle. As a part of this, we will be working with media networks and schools to debunk myths of Africa. For example: Western perspective has for too long shown the continent as ONLY poor. The fact is that Africa is a continent that has countries with booming economy. Therese Izay from Congo-Kinhasa who invented traffic regulating human-like robots which was put to use in the city. 9 in 10 people own cellphones in Nigeria and South Africa – which is as common as in USA. Many cities in Africa are increasingly urbanized – with over 39 percent living in urban areas. Steeve Burkhalter from Congo-Brazzaville designed the interior of the Mercedes’ S-Class concept car. Africa is also abundant in terms of gas and minerals. Nigerian Air Force School of Engineers created an unmanned vehicle that flew non stop at 3000 feet for several hours. Nigeria is poised to become one of the largest economies by 2020. More than 20 countries in Africa are middle-income level or more. (Mazen can you add more facts to this?) after you add facts this is the closing statement. Yes, there are places in Africa that are suffering – but there are places in every continent that are suffering. We want to rebrand Africa by showing that Africa is more than the constant negative images you see in the news.

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