Humans of our World would like to announce our new sponsor/partner Myers Wolin, Law Firm

We are happy to announce our new sponsor/partner Myers Wolin LLC.     Myers Wolin, LLC’s passion is Powering Your Innovation to Work for You ®.  We protect your ideas, thoughts and expressions on the global stage, assisting you in changing the world.  We provide the right people with the right skills to fit each client’s […]

Humans of Our World would like to announce Dr. Bjian Safai as our new ambassador

Humans of Our World is proud to have Dr. Safai as one of our Ambassadors. Dr. Safai is an internationally recognized dermatologist in NYC.  He is known as a skin cancer specialist in NYC for his expertise and research associated with skin cancers, melanomas, and lymphomas of the skin. Dr. Safai has devoted his career to the education and training of medical students, […]

Nepal Medical Association Announces Partnership With Humans of Our World

After a successful collaboration for medical camps in Nepal, the Nepal Medical Association (NMA) announced its collaboration with the philanthropic foundation Humans of Our World.

Judi DENCH has come on board as official supporter of Humans Of Our World

Dame Judi DENCH has been signed on as an official supporter of Humans Of Our World. Judi has also donated to the Humans of our World’s LET’S HELP NEPAL’S VILLAGES humanitarian campaign, and Hollywood Insider is a proud partner. She joins other celebrity supporters such as Joanna Lumley OBE and Adrien Brody. Humans of Our […]

Joanna Lumley supports Humans Of Our World Foundation

Joanna Lumley has lent her support to the Humans Of Our World charity’s Don’t Forget Nepal’s Victims campaign, urging people to donate to those affected by the 2015 earthquake that devastated the country, killing over 9000 people and leaving 820,000 families homeless.

Joanna Lumley Backs Humans Of Our World Campaign

Joanna Lumley has announced her support for Humans of our World’s humanitarian campaign, Don’t Forget Nepal’s Victims. Joanna is helping raise awareness and funds for the country’s forgotten villages since the 2015 earthquake struck the region. Read Full Story:

Joanna Lumley Asks All to Donate to ‘Don’t Forget Nepal’s Victims’ Campaign

Humans Of Our World, the humanitarian foundation set up by media entrepreneur, director and philanthropist, Pritan Ambroase, has launched a campaign: ‘DON’T FORGET NEPAL’S VICTIMS’. This campaign is officially supported by Joanna Lumley and she urges people to donate to support survivors of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal who are still suffering significantly due to […]

By converting heat to focused beams of light, a new solar device could create cheap and continuous power.

Solar panels cover a growing number of rooftops, but even decades after they were first developed, the slabs of silicon remain bulky, expensive, and inefficient. Fundamental limitations prevent these conventional photovoltaics from absorbing more than a fraction of the energy in sunlight. Read the Full Story:

Scientists are making remarkable progress at using brain implants to restore the freedom of movement that spinal cord injuries take away.

The French neuroscientist was watching a macaque monkey as it hunched aggressively at one end of a treadmill. His team had used a blade to slice halfway through the animal’s spinal cord, paralyzing its right leg. Now Courtine wanted to prove he could get the monkey walking again. To do it, he and colleagues had […]

32,000-Year-Old Plant Brought Back to Life—Oldest Yet

A Russian team discovered a seed cache of Silene stenophylla, a flowering plant native to Siberia, that had been buried by an Ice Age squirrel near the banks of the Kolyma River (map). Radiocarbon dating confirmed that the seeds were 32,000 years old. The mature and immature seeds, which had been entirely encased in ice, […]

2-year-old girl hands out burritos to exhausted firefighters battling wildfire

A 2-year-old girl has made sure that firefighters in northern California have a full stomach before they head back to battling the deadly Carr Fire raging across the region. Chelsey Lutz, 30, posted an adorable video on Facebook of her daughter, Gracie, handing out breakfast burritos to firefighters in Anderson, California, on Monday after they […]

Anonymous Woman Just Gave $100 to Every Teacher in Her District So They Could Buy School Supplies

An anonymous donor has just gifted a $100 bill to every teacher in a Kentucky school district. Read the Full Story:

Watch the Heartwarming Moment a Man on the Subway Offers to Play Cell Phone Game With Curious Boy

A simple exchange between a man and a boy on the New York City subway is melting hearts across the internet.In a series of videos that were uploaded to Facebook by Kia Tatiyana Davis, a man can be seen playing some kind of game on his phone.As he plays, a curious little boy starts to […]

MHN conducted Health Camp at Dolakha in collaboration with Humans of Our World

Just days after the occurrence of the first massive earthquake that tore Nepal into pieces, another Major earthquake occurred in Nepal on 12th of May with a magnitude of 7.3 rector scale. And, as if Dolakha already had fewer problems nature again played a very unfair game, the epicenter of the second quake being Dolakha.Dolakha […]