Can I Go Home Now? Typhoon Haiyan Philippines Edition 2013

Humans of Our World campaigns December 1, 2013

Like I have already told you all, I have decided to go to Philippines to help people that have been affected by the Typhoon Haiyan. I do not want to donate to any organization as I do not know exactly what percentage of my donation will go directly to the affected people. So instead of making a donation, I will personally go and do what I can. And hence I have decided to start this campaign so that we can all be united and involved together. Every donation you make to this campaign, will go directly to the affected people so that they can go home now. I will not be taking even 0.01% from these donations for myself or letting anyone else call it “operating costs”. So you can be rest assured, that each cent/pence/penny (any other currency you can think of) donated to this campaign will go directly to affected people. Upto now, I have been grateful, dumbfounded and motivated by the level of support! Please keep up this level of enthusiasm, dedication and support for the cause, the campaign and actions we are about to take! The people of Philippines have lost their homes, but we can help them rebuild. We can support them to survive during these harsh times. Let us make the answer be YES to the question CAN I GO HOME NOW? for the Phillippines. Do whatever you can do: Donate to the campaign and cause, promote the campaign and the cause, together we can continue moving forward. Lets do something, lets do anything and everything we can. Together we can make more than just a mere difference. We can help the affected people rebuild their lives and save them. Enough of relying on governments and organizations or “someone else” to do the work or help, lets take making a great positive impact into our own hands and better this world and better a person’s life, pair’s life, groups’ lives, people’s lives and make this world a better place.  We are the change we want to see in the world. It is not my campaign, it is our campaign. Everyone who helps in anyway will be recognized and honored as one of the allies.

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