Disaster Relief Edition

Humans of Our World campaigns August 27, 2018
  1. For all our past disaster relief editions, we utilized social media and we will continue to do so. For all of the past disaster relief in Nepal, Italy, Haiti, Philippines, Mexico, etc, our campaigns on social media reached over 79 million people each, within a month or so of launch. Some videos viewed over 1 million times, some posts liked and shared over 50,000 times, over 16000 likes on the page itself within one month. It is important to us that these awareness numbers are accompanied with action numbers. Awareness without action is pointless: just knowing about something is not good enough; you have to do something about it too and that is more important. With the help of Facebook, Humans of our World has been able to continue the media attention on these countries, unite and sign up volunteers all over those countries, which has resulted in over 500 people in each country already a part of our volunteer group; people all over the world have sent donations and help to through Humans Of Our World as we make sure 100% reaches the victims within one month. Again, Humans of our World does not store these donations in our personal accounts; we make sure the 100% of the donations, be it money or products, reaches the victims within a month. We have truly seen the greatness of Facebook and social media, all humanitarian organizations and people all over the world will attest to the fact that Facebook and social media have played an important role in helping disaster struck countries. The humanitarian efforts have been further helped by Facebook and social media like never before, yes for Humans Of Our World and also for all other organizations. The most important point to remember:  Immediate relief can only be provided by directly helping the victims in those countries. This strategy is for the world outside of those countries to unite to help the locals in affected countries help the victims. We are against sending relief materials, money donations and other initiatives to the government, or to “charity’ organizations that keep 97% of donations for administrative costs. Instead, Humans Of Our World utilizes trusted individuals, trusted non-profit organizations and voluntary organizations on the ground to help the victims in need. All organizations and companies that partner with Humans Of Our World for the Disaster Relief Edition send their relief materials and donations to the victims directly with the help of our foundation, thus keeping to our ideals that we make sure all is utilized and provided, within a month, to the victims for whom it is intended. In terms of immediate relief: – Multiple organizations and companies have provided tents and food that has been sent directly to ground volunteers and distributed to victims immediately. We are looking for more organizations and companies to partner with us to get more relief materials sent directly to victims and volunteers. – Multiple organizations and companies have partnered with us to provide immediate medical and psychological care to various places in those countries.

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