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Humans of Our World campaigns August 27, 2018
  1. Be it Nepal, Italy, Philippines, Haiti, Ghana, India, Greece, we focus on villages. After a major disaster, there are three stages: Immediate relief – shelter, food, medical/psychological care – Short term – rebuilding homes, schools, infrastructure – Long term – improving conditions in the village by helping boost economy, tourism and education. IMPORTANT: Both action numbers and awareness numbers are equally important. Action to help the victims directly, awareness to make sure the world continues to remember the village, the country and help the people.
    • For example: Our Nepal Edition, and the medical camps, welfare and relief we provided to the victims of the 2015 earthquake. Nepal is a unique case, as the locals of Nepal are completely able to help each other and they have already proven that, which means they just need the world to unite to help them help themselves. The locals of Nepal are educated, intelligent and smart enough to help each other. The fallen have gotten up, dusted themselves and are now helping others rise too. One local who started a volunteer group, wrote on his t-shirt, “Yesterday I was scared, today I am strong enough to help”.  Since the first earthquake, 5000 voluntary organizations have been started in Nepal by locals themselves.
    • The HUMANS OF OUR WORLD health camp in Dolakha organized on June 6th and 7th 2015 with the partnership of Healthy Nepal. This was a medical camp for both physical and mental health to help with the psychological effects of the two earthquake and 260 aftershocks. The team made up of 6 medical professionals and 5 psychological counselors, 15 volunteers. 2 drivers, 10 hours of driving time later reached a village and treated more than 600 patients, in addition to 1100 children, 100 blankets distributed, 600 educational materials supplied, etc. Success achieved with partnership of Humans of our World, Healthy Nepal Foundation, Hug and Heal, Solidarity International, Rotaract Club of Kathmandu, Education for life, Help Neal Network and a few hospitals.
    • An 11 year old Humans of our World ambassador SERZEN GURUNG has raised thousands of dollars in donations, travelled to Nepal and built 11 homes in a remote village in Nepal with full accountability.
    • A renowned doctor in Idaho, FAHIM RAHIM who is also a Humans of our World ambassador, was one of the first responders to Nepal, also petitioned the US government to increase aid to 100 million which was successful.
    • One of the board members MEELAN GURUNG himself paid for a UCLA researcher to travel to Nepal. The researcher graduated from UCLA two decades ago and lives in Singapore. This researcher acted as Humans of our World eyes and ears in Nepal. He prepared a detailed report as to how we can be more useful. Thus we can have a more pinpointed approach to helping the victims as well as rebuild Nepal.

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