Can I Go Home Now? Nepal Earthquake Relief Edition 2015

HUMANS OF OUR WORLD would like to introduce this new hastag #dontforgetourNepal please share this hashtag with everyone.

We want the world to make sure they dont forget Nepal, the media needs to continue to focus on Nepal. We need a voice, to find other voices, connect, unite and make one powerful voice and that voice should say #dontforgetourNepal. This hashtag is started by Humans of our world but it belongs to the whole world.

To the question of the people in Nepal, who have lost their homes to the earthquake, we want to help them rebuild – so that we can say yes to the Question – CAN I GO HOME NOW? Hence, this is the Humans of Our World Foundation’s Can I Go Home Now? Nepal Earthquake Relief Edition 2015

The video of yesterday’s second earthquake hitting Nepal – 7.4 magnitude. More structural devastation. More deaths. More mental and emotional destruction. We have received countless stories from people all over the world telling us about this tiny loving country of Nepal, whose great reputation of having the best hospitality, unconditional love no matter what country a person is from, and great power in uniting to help each other – this same tiny loving country and the people there are being ravaged by a natural disaster to the point of catastrophe unless the world intervenes to save them. You cant stop earthquakes, but you can save lives.

In the video are volunteeers who had gone to help an area that was destroyed by the earthquake and they had to run for their lives as destroyed buildings further crumbled, an ancient civilization further lost to an abyss of tragedy.

The first earthquake of 7.9 magnitude was on 25th April 2015 destroyed many buildings, homes and precious architecture and thousands died, since then 100s of aftershocks (some measuring upto 6.1) have weakened the remaining buildings, yesterday the second  earthquake of 7.4 magnitude brought other already weak buildings down. We HAVE to stand with Nepal. Nepal is a living museum for the whole world.

Just when the world media got bored and left the country alone, that is exactly when this second earthquake has hit Nepal. This means world media needs to continue to focus on Nepal to become a powerful voice so that people all over the world will continue helping Nepal. But help Nepal, the Nepali people on the ground directly, connect to voluntary organizations and small charities in Nepal, donate to them, we can guide you. Do not donate to governments or charities that keep 97% for themselves.

Just remember, people in Nepal are so traumatized now that every shake frightens them to the core. Just watch the video.

If you cant even imagine hundreds of aftershocks and 2 huge earthquakes then think of it this away: 100s of mega destructive hurricanes in a span of two weeks in a tiny area, 100s of car accidents in a span of two weeks in a tiny area. 100s of gun shots killing people in a span of two weeks in a tiny area, 100s of murders in a span of two weeks in a tiny area. Get the point? I hope so.

#dontforgetourNepal Share this hashtag. Awaken the world.

And by our, we mean just that. Nepal belongs to the world and everyone that loves humanity. It is our Nepal. Humans of our world loves Nepal our Nepal, dont forget our Nepal.

God protect Nepal, the world and everyone in it.

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