Natural Disaster & Man-Made War Zones Are Not Your Marketing Opportunity Edition

The mission of “Natural Disaster Zones & Man-Made War Zones Are Not Your Marketing Opportunity Edition 2015” is to raise awareness and advocate against the exploitation of vulnerable communities affected by natural disasters and man-made conflicts for the purpose of marketing and advertising. The Humans of Our World charter and laws clearly state that the people/companies/brands arriving at disaster/war zones not use the victims for the promotion of their products/brands /religions/politics/groups as this is highly immoral, unethical and disgusting. It must be made against the law to do promotions/marketing such as, but not limited to, converting victims’ religion, asking victims to hold your brand products as they are being photographed or taped especially while speaking of their plight, or using their tragedy for other such product placements, religious conversions or political gains. Our charity aims to promote ethical and responsible practices that prioritize the well-being and dignity of those impacted by such crises. We strive to empower individuals and communities by providing education, resources, and support to prevent the exploitation and abuse of their experiences for commercial gain. Through collaboration with businesses, media outlets, and consumers, we envision a world where natural disaster zones and man-made war zones are respected as spaces of resilience, strength, and hope, rather than mere opportunities for profit.

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